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Shree Chaturvedi Machhukathiya Modh Brahmin Gnati Mandal

જય માતગી મોઢેશ્વરી મા
Modheshwari Maa
|| જય માતગી મોઢેશ્વરી મા ||

Devbharg 98

This website is an effort to bring all brothers and sisters of Samaj close. It’s a small step to remind all of us of our culture and rich heritage. The History proves that the people of Modh Brahmin Samaj are very enterprising and very resourceful who do not wait for an opportunity, rather creates one and makes success for it.

Now a days, World has become small due to Internet. It is very easy to communicate and exchange information via websites, email in any part of the world. Through this website, you can share information globally. We are looking for Modh Brahmin Samaj people from different cities to join our team and help us to make this website more informative and useful.

Some of the important sections in the website:

History has articles on History and Modh Brahmin Samaj , Matrimonial post your own, your relative's matrimonial profiles and get in touch with other members, Calender 2007 (Panchang Vikram Savant 2063 Shukla Paksh = Bright fortnight : Krishna Paksha = Dark fortnight) Indian Calender including Tithi, Gnati Samachar Activities in various cities, Guestbook - Please write your comments and suggestions here post online greetings (subhecha sandesh), Donation, Gautra, Download: Gayatri mantra, Wallpaper of hindu bhagwan, modheshwari maa photo, parshuram photo, and many more, Committee, Other Links: useful for other samaj website and other website links, Feedback and Contact Us - Use this form to get in touch with team.

This website is started by few youngsters from Modh Brahmin Samaj, and we need your help and guidance to make it better and useful. Please feel free to drop us a mail or call.

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Chaturvedi Machhukathiya Modh Brahman Vadi Address City Wise
Kanchan Vadi
Patel Colony 9-A
Gulab Vadi
Near S.T.Bus stand,
Mil Para Street.
No. 2,
Savsar Plot
Bhatiya Socieity
Near New
Bhagwati Circle,
Kadiya Bid


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